Participants are required to register in order to obtain the development and test data-sets.

Registration must be done by sending an email to the following address: tweet-norm AT

Evaluation Period

We will enable the test set the the second week of July (8-15 of July). Each participant will only have 72 hours to work on the test set and to send results. The period to participate will run, by default, from the 10th of July (at 13h) to the 13th of July (at 13h, GMT+2:00). Alternatively participants can ask for another 72h window by email.

Submitting the Results

  • Results must be submitted by email to tweet-norm AT .
  • The results shall have the following format (results with invalid format will not be taken into account):
\t OOV-word1 Correct-form1 
\t OOV-word2 Correct-form2 
\t OOV-word3 Correct-form1
  • For each OOV word only one correct form may be proposed.
  • Each participant can submit up to two results.


Rank Participant Best run accuracy Second run accuracy
1 RAE 0,781
2 Citius-Imaxin 0,663 0,662
3 UPC 0,653
4 Elhuyar 0,636 0,634
5 IXA-EHU_em-phonm 0,619 0,609
6 Vicomtech 0,606
7 UniArizona 0,604
8 UPF-Havas 0,548 0,491
9 DLSIAlicante 0,545 0,521
10 UniMelbourne 0,539 0,517
11 UniSevilla 0,396
12 Ujaen-sinai 0,376
13 UniCoruña 0,335